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Breakouts can happen in people with oily skin. But treating them is easy – especially in your 20s. And your skin deserves special treatment.

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Skin Concern

Dark Spots + Hyperpigmentation

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Greek Yoghurt

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Wild Rose

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We’ve selected a few serums and masks to help you reach your skin goals. The ingredients in these formulas will nourish your skin, brighten your complexion, and fade discoloration.

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KORRES products are made with the purest ingredients that have been hand-picked and harvested from local farms with the highest standards for purity, efficacy and sustainability.

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ΔΩΡΟ το Σετ Eau De Toilette + Αφρόλουτρο

Tο άρωμα που είναι εμπνευσμένο από τον αλμυρό αέρα, πάνω στο πλοίο, το σετ KYMA, αξίας 31.10€, δώρο με ηλεκτρονικές αγορές 60€ και άνω.

+ Δωρεάν μεταφορικά +1500 πόντοι

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