A seed to skin ethos

It starts in a place we call home

With the richest and most biodiverse landscape in all of Europe, Greece is a global hotspot for studying unique species of flora and fauna. This has shaped our culture as conservationists working to preserve and understand over 6,000 plant species –1,600 of which only grow here.

Where our ingredients are locally-grown

Our ecosystem of local farms and agriculturalists helps us stay close to the ingredients, and the rural communities we support.

Olympus tea has powerful cleansing capabilities and is grown in the foothills of Mt Olympus.

Then hand-picked and harvested with care

We hunt for plants that grow naturally in the wild and work with small farms to preserve the integrity of each flower, leaf and stem.

We don’t just pick a flower, we harvest based on when the active ingredients are the most powerful. It might be a particular year, season, or even time of day.”

Vasilis Halkias, Local Farmer for KORRES

Transported to our lab

It’s a short ride from the farms to our labs, where our scientists refine and extract herbs and botanicals for their maximum potency.

Formulated with the highest standards for purity

Five times more pure than pharmaceutical-grade, our water purification process allows us to create formulas with the fewest possible preservatives. In fact, there are 2,000+ chemicals we don’t use.

Located in the heart of Athens, the KORRES lab maintains pharmaceutical-level production facilities.

Tested and refined to perfection

We test each product for purity, safety, and efficacy. Over 500 clinical trials are conducted before anything is released to market.

We test and test until we feel totally confident the product works the way we want it to.”

Sofia Zisimou, Research for KORRES

Always created in harmony with the environment

Our factory is internationally recognized for its environmental best practices, operating on a no-waste principle with renewable energy and 99% recyclable packaging.

With any remnants being returned to the land

We return all remaining ingredients from the production process back to the farmers and the land they came from. This keeps the soil strong for the next harvest.