Herb Olive Tree Messara

Herb: Olive Tree / Olea Europea

Greece and specifically the southern parts of the country host the richest biodiversity in the Mediterranean. Crete is the largest and most fertile island of Greece, host to around 1,600 native plant species -a paradise of plants. At the heart of Crete, Messara area extends over 300,000 acres, belonging to the Prefecture of Heraklion. This is where ancient wine presses dated from the Minoan era can still be found; a solid proof that Olive tree cultivation and Olive oil production are an inherent part of Cretan history and culture. Koroneiki is the dominant Olive variety on the island, long-regarded as the supreme variety of Olive oil.


The Organic Farmers Cooperative of Messara was founded by a small group of dedicated farmers that first met in 1994, sharing a common goal; the production of superior extra virgin Olive oil.

This is the first cooperative of its kind on the island that for decades has been trying to preserve this tradition, while promoting scientific research in relation to Olive tree organic cultivation methods.

Τhe Olive tree is the sacred tree of ancient and modern Greece -a long-standing symbol of peace, longevity and prosperity.

Women of antiquity used Olive oil to safeguard their unrivaled beauty, while athletes’ prepared for the ancient Greek Games by applying Olive oil on their bodies to prevent de-hydration.

Crete has a long-standing tradition in the Olive tree cultivation, focusing on the Koroneiki variety.
With valleys at the foothills of mountains and very close to the sea, Crete has the ideal combination of microclimate, moisture and temperature conditions for the production of the best extra virgin Olive oil in the world. In the island' groves these slow-growing, organic Olive trees are watered naturally and kept small in size to be better nourished by the sun, offering a precious quantity of that supreme "green gold".


Our supreme Cretan Olive οil is produced at the certified facilities of the Organic Farmers Cooperative of Messara, using the pure cold-pressing method.

The mildest solvent-free oil production technique, ensuring a final product of superior purity, offering a precious quantity of this non-refined, supreme "green gold", that preserves all its qualities and beneficial substances.

All historical data regarding Olive oil properties have been substantiated by science. Nourishing extra virgin Olive oil is a natural source of vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, and antioxidants, and has softening properties.

Before being incorporated into our formulas, this raw material undergoes a series of quality and safety controls as per European regulation.

Technical Data

Appearance: Liquid, green, clear / Shelf life: 12 months / Composition: Olea europaea (Olive) fruit oil / Production time: 1-30 days / Certifications and Standards: ISO 16128, Natural ingredients - Certification of organic production of plant material, EEC Regulation 2568/91 - Olive oil characteristics and methods of analysis / Production method: Cold pressing / Plant ingredient functions (INCI): Skin-Conditioning Agents

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