Bio Milk 1

Bio Milk 1

400 G

High quality Bio-Certified Cow Milk formulas with carefully selected ingredients of >95% Organic Origin. Three different codes, each tailored accordingly to the needs of each development stage. ...

Your Need: Baby Nutrition

Your Type: From birth - 6 months

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    How to Use

    The frequency and number of meals depend on the age and weight of the baby. Follow your pediatrician's instructions carefully.

    Meal preparation:

    Wash your hands thoroughly and sterilize all utensils according to manufacturer's instructions.
    Boil freshly run water and leave it to cool for about 30 minutes at 50o Add the right amount of water (consult the nutrition table) into the sterile bottle. Do not use repeatedly boiled water.
    Always use the scoop provided in the package. Level off the powder using the scoop leveller.
    Add the right amount of powder to the water, according to the nutrition chart. Place the sterilized teat and cap on the bottle and shake well until the powder is completely dissolved.
    Check the temperature of the milk on your wrist before feeding. Temperature should be 40 °C.
    After use, close the package tightly and store in a cool and dry place. Once opened, use the contents within 4 weeks.

    Non-boiled water and utensils or improper dilution can affect the infant’s health. Improper storage, use, preparation and feeding can have adverse effects on your baby's health.


    Prepare only one meal at a time. Feed your baby immediately and follow the instructions faithfully. Do not keep the leftover milk, throw away the leftover. Always hold the baby in your arms during the meal. Leaving the baby unattended can cause choking.

    Important Notice: At this age, baby nutrition is enriched with other foods and milk is just one part of a balanced diet. Consult your doctor before starting or introducing any new foods to your child's diet. The product should not be used as a substitute for breast milk during the first six months of a baby's life. Breast milk is the ideal food for babies and breastfeeding should be continued for as long as possible.

    The frequency and the feedings per day depend on baby’s age and weight. Please contact your healthcare professional.


    100ml = 3 leveled scoops (12.9g powder) + 90ml water.

    A scoop = 4.3g


    Αποβουτυρωμένο γάλα*, απομεταλλωμένος ορός γάλακτος*, φυτικά έλαια* (ηλιέλαιο, λάδι καρύδας, κραμβέλαιο), λακτόζη*, γαλακτο-ολιγοσακχαρίτες* (GOS, από την λακτόζη), μέταλλα (χλωριούχο ασβέστιο, χλωριούχο νάτριο, χλωριούχο κάλιο, χλωριούχο μαγνήσιο, φωσφορικό ασβέστιο, κιτρικό ασβέστιο, θειικός ψευδάργυρος, σεληνικό νάτριο, θειικό μαγγάνιο, ιωδιούχο κάλιο, υδροξείδιο του καλίου, θειικός χαλκός, θειικός σίδηρος), γαλακτωματοποιητής (λεκιθίνη ηλίανθου*), ιχθυέλαιο¹, διτρυγική χολίνη, βιταμίνες (βιταμίνη C, βιταμίνη Ε, βιταμίνη Α, βιταμίνη D3, νιασίνη (βιταμίνη Β3), D-παντοθενικό ασβέστιο, D-βιοτίνη, βιταμίνη Β12, βιταμίνη Κ, φολικό οξύ, μονονιτρική θειαμίνη, υδροχλωρική πυριδοξίνη, βιταμίνη Β2), L-τυροσίνη, L-τρυπτοφάνη, ινοσιτόλη, αντιοξειδωτικό (εκχύλισμα τοκοφερόλης), L-κυστεΐνη, L-καρνιτίνη.

    *Προϊόν Βιολογικής Γεωργίας

    ¹ βασική πηγή του μικροθρεπτικού DHA**

    **όπως προβλέπεται από τη νομοθεσία για όλα τα βρεφικά γάλατα

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