Sweet Body Pampering Set - Mediterranean Vanilla Blossom Shower Gel 250 ml & Body Milk 125 ml

A unique flesh of vanila with a hint of white flowers.

Η Ανάγκη σου: Cleansing & Hydration

Ο Τύπος σου: All skin types

89.8% Natural Content 92.4% Natural Content

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    ( 298 Πόντοι)

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    Τρόπος Χρήσης

    Use the Shower Gel in a daily basis. Spead it softly at your wet skin in order to make enough foam. Rinse it out with a lot of water. Avoid the touch with the eyes.
    After your shower or bath, apply the product all over your body while doing a light massage. Wait a while until it is absorbed by the skin before getting dressed.

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